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Wootton Rivers

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliate head
Location: Mud Lane on the north boundary of Wootton Rivers parish
OS GR: SU 1987464686
Period: Turn of the 21st century?
Medium: Living oak
Foliage: Acanthus
Mood: Watchful, protective
The Silent Guardian

This replica of the famous Bamberg green man has been carved into the cut end of a lopped branch of a living oak tree.  The tree stands on the north side of Mud Lane, a charming green lane that follows the northern edge of Wootton Rivers parish.  We have given a 10-figure OS grid reference, rather than the more usual 6-figure number, to help you locate it exactly.

We do not know who is responsible for creating this green man, but whoever it is has considerable skill in wood-carving.  He hangs like a guardian spirit above the path, watching the parish boundary, and would certainly startle anyone walking here unwarily at night!

If you can tell us more about his origins, such as who the craftsperson is who created him, please email us.

Also at Wootton Rivers

  • The church clock was made by a local man: the clockface reads GLORY BE TO GOD instead of the usual numbers 1-12.
  • The lock-keeper's cottage on the canal was the set for the comedy series 'The River' which starred David Essex.
  • The Royal Oak Inn, a beautiful old black-and-white thatched building which serves a good pint and excellent food.


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