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Westwood - I

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Report a Green Man

Type: Rococo garlands from head
Location: Church of St Mary
OS GR: ST 812590
Period: Rococo (c. 1750)
Medium: Marble
Foliage: Swags of fruit
Mood: Abstract, nasal

It is perhaps stretching the point a little, but this decorative head supporting a memorial in Westwood parish church really does have the feel of a green man.

After entering the west door of the church, pass through the next door into the nave.  The memorial is the first on the left on the north wall.  On what at first looks like a shield we can clearly see two incised eyes above a large moulded nose, and open mouth.  The filtrum between nose and upper lip is clearly marked.  Hanging down from the top of the head or stylised coronet are two fine swags of fruit.  Can we be generous and allow fruit rather than foliage on a green man?  I like to think so.

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