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Trowbridge - I

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliate head
Location: Church of St James
OS GR: ST 856581
Period: Fifteenth-century
Medium: Stone
Foliage: Stylised
Mood: Drastic, horrified

The first of two green men in the south porch of Trowbridge's church of St James, this grimacing man's head is to be found just to the right of the wooden structure around the door into the nave. 

This is a foliate head, but not a full one - the foliage sprouts from the eyebrows only.  The church is in the Perpendicular style, dating probably from c.1450, so this would seem to be a fairly late mediaeval example of the green man motif. 

Also at Trowbridge

  • Two more green men
  • Fine mediaeval (but restored) angel roof
  • Some fine gargoyles on the exterior


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