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Steeple Langford

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliage-spewer?
Location: Church of All Saints
OS GR: SU 036375
Period: Thirteenth-century?
Medium: Wood
Foliage: Too degraded to ascertain
Mood: Calm, obscure

This much-degraded roof boss is in the north aisle above and to the left of the altar.  It is in very poor condition, but is listed as a green man in Hicks's The Green Man: a field guide (p. 60) so we studied it carefully and could just make out what might be foliage coming from the left side of the mouth (just visible in the photograph above). 

Hicks lists more than one green man at Steeple Langford, but all other bosses are of birds and animals. 

Also at Steeple Langford

  • Very entertaining series of corbels (based on those at Kilpeck, Herefordshire?) on the south side of the chancel exterior
  • Pilgrim crosses on the doorframe: as you enter look on the right side of the stone frame at eye height and above
  • Unusual wooden effigy of Rector Joseph Collier (1635) above the vestry door

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