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South Marston - II

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliage-spewer
Location: Church of St Mary Magdalen
OS GR: SU 195880
Period: Mediaeval (13th/14th century)
Medium: Stone carving
Foliage: Stiff stems
Mood: Bug-eyed, stark

We find this bulging-eyed green man on the string course high on the west side of the tower, just above the window.  He is so high it is difficult to make out what the foliage spewing from his mouth might be: all we can see are stiff stems reaching out.  Above the staring eyes and furrowed brow he has a row of curls!

Also at South Marston

  • A very fine Victorian green man inside the church
  • Perhaps one more green man, on the south side of the tower, very badly worn.


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