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Report a Green Man

Sherint.jpg.jpg (46850 bytes) Type: Foliage-spewer
Location: Church of St Cosmas & St Damian
OS GR: ST 961393
Period: Jacobean (1630)
Medium: Wall-painting
Foliage: Single stylised leaves, with central 'tulip'
Mood: Fresh-faced, youthful, amiable

At the west end of the Church of St Cosmas & St Damian, on wall to right of the organ, we find this youthful green man painted in the border below a text.  He is a curly-haired jacobean youth, spewing out two simple leaves and a flower on a stem.   Given that he dates from the time of 'tulipomania', one is tempted to interpret this flower as one of the tulips that were so highly prized...  or it could be a late interpretation of the lotus flower that appears in some Romanesque examples of the green man.


Also at Sherrington

  • Another possible green man, much degraded, on south wall to left of south door, at the head of the frieze - a face in stylised foliage - a 'peeper'?

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