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Salisbury Cathedral - V

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliate head
Location: Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin
OS GR: SU 142295
Period: Fourteenth-century
Medium: Stone-carving
Foliage: Acanthus
Mood: Luxuriant, elfin

One of the difficulties we faced at Salisbury Cathedral was the joint problem of poor lighting combined with carvings that were high overhead.  This example really illustrates that.  This bearded foliate head is in the gloom high upon the frieze at the crossing end of the south transept.  We also liked his neighbour, the man with asses' ears, that you can see alongside him.

Also at Salisbury

  • Many more examples of the green man at the Cathedral and elsewhere
  • In the chapter house, a rare example of a triple head
  • In the nave, a fourteenth-century clock, restored in 1956, formerly in the (now demolished) bell-tower.


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