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Salisbury Cathedral - I

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Report a Green Man

Type: Spewing beast-heads
Location: Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin
OS GR: SU 142295
Period: Sixteenth-century
Medium: Stone-carving, gilded
Foliage: Grapevine
Mood: Feral, triumphal

In the north choir aisle, close to the high altar, stands the chantry chapel of Edmund Audley, bishop from 1502-24.  The chapel itself is dated to 1524, and on the frieze at the top of the chapel's exterior we find no less than seven spewing beast-heads. 

Each head is slightly different from the others, some like dragons, other like wolves or cats.  All are gilded, as is the foliage and fruits that spew from their ferocious mouths.  The fruit seem to be grapes, or strawberries, as we have found at Ebbesbourne Wake, but the leaves are different, and not naturalistic. 

Also at Salisbury

  • Many more examples of the green man at the Cathedral and elsewhere
  • In the chapter house, a rare example of a triple head
  • In the nave, a fourteenth-century clock, restored in 1956, formerly in the (now demolished) bell-tower.


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