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Mere - VI

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Report a Green Man

Mint6.jpg (66614 bytes) Type: Foliate head, tongue-sticker
Location: Church of St Michael the Archangel
OS GR: ST 812323
Period: Mid-Victorian (c.1856)
Medium: Wood
Foliage: Acanthus
Mood: Lively, impish
A second photographic challenge

Our second Victorian green man at Mere is also in the south aisle, but high up at the very ill-lit east end.   It is the second boss in from the chapel, above the word 'aeternum' in the frieze.   This is a foliate head, as careful study through binoculars revealed, and our improved photograph shows his bright, impish expression.  He also falls into the distinctive category of carving known as 'tongue-stickers' - a rude, sexual gesture.

Also at Mere

  • 6 more green men inside the church
  • A green beast on the exterior
  • A mediaeval St Michael above the porch
  • Misericords
  • Angel roof
  • Mediaeval cross in the churchyard
  • Yapps Brothers of Mere - a wine-merchants - well worth stopping for a tasting!

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