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Mere - III

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Report a Green Man

Mint3.jpg (82772 bytes) Type: Foliage-spewer
Location: Church of St Michael the Archangel
OS GR: ST 812323
Period: 15th century
Medium: Wood
Foliage: Stylised acanthus-leaf
Mood: Regal, earnest
A bearded king

This kingly green man is on the north side of the chancel, on the bench-end facing the high altar.  His face is well depicted, with flowing hair, creased earnest brow, wide mouth, and bearded chin.  On his head is what we may interpret as a crown.  From his mouth we find more of the acanthus-style foliage that we saw on our bawdy monk, and this, along with their very similar splayed noses, suggests both were carved at the same period, perhaps by the same craftsman.


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