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Report a Green Man

Mint1.jpg (61197 bytes) Type: Foliage-spewer
Location: Church of St Michael the Archangel
OS GR: ST 812323
Period: Late nineteenth-century, although screen originally Perpendicular (1350-1530)
Medium: Wood
Foliage: Grapevine leaves and fruit
Mood: Luxuriant, skeletal

The interior of Mere parish church is very rich in green men.  We find the first on the richly carved rood screen that separates chancel from nave.  The frieze runs across the screen in two layers - look at the right-hand end of the top row of the lower frieze.   There next to the wall is a death's head green man, with naked skull and grinning teeth, but from his jawless mouth flows a luxuriant grapevine with large bunches of grapes.

The main part of the rood screen is Perpendicular, but the coving and rood loft are a late 19th century rebuild.  Nevertheless, our green man fits in well with the style of the screen.

Also at Mere

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  • A green beast on the exterior
  • A mediaeval St Michael above the porch
  • Misericords
  • Angel roof
  • Mediaeval cross in the churchyard
  • Yapps Brothers of Mere - a wine-merchants - well worth stopping for a tasting!

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