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Malmesbury Abbey

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliage-spewer, beast-head
Location: Abbey church
OS GR: ST 934872
Period: Mediaeval (C13/14?)
Medium: Stone
Foliage: Stylised
Mood: Leonine, bossy
A lion's-head boss

Above the nave of the remains of Malmesbury's great abbey hangs this boss in the form of a lion's head spewing foliage.  It is in a key position where eight ribs of the vault meet in a complex arrangement. 

Also at Malmesbury Abbey

  • The justly famous south porch, which Pevsner calls 'among the best pieces of Norman sculpture and decoration in England
  • Effigy of King Athelstan, grandson of Alfred the Great
  • The tombstone recording the fate of Hannah Twynnoy, who tormented a caged tiger and was killed by it. 


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