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Lacock Abbey - I

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliage-spewer
Location: Cloisters of Lacock Abbey
OS GR: ST 919685
Period: Fourteenth-century
Medium: Stone
Foliage: Stylised
Mood: Feminine, uneasy

One of three green men in the cloisters of Lacock Abbey, this face looks particularly female and may perhaps be a green woman.  The Abbey was established in 1229 for Augustinian canonesses, and it may be that they chose to decorate their cloisters with foliate heads of an appropriately female appearance.  Certainly there are no overtly male green men here, and there are other female figures (mermaids) among the bosses.

The cloisters are largely fourteenth-century, so it seems safe to date this green lady to this period.  She retains a few touches of colour about her: she is wearing eye-liner and has fashionably tweezed eyebrows.  Definitely not an unworldly bride of Christ!  The foliage spewing from her mouth implies that she has surrendered to the desires of  nature unrestrained. 

Also at Lacock Abbey

  • Two more green men among the bosses
  • Many more entertaining figures: mermaids, war-elephants etc

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