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Hullavington - II

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Report a Green Man

    Type: Surname
Location: Church of St Mary, churchyard
OS GR: ST 894821
Period: 1899
Medium: Stone
Foliage: Ivy-leaf
Mood: Funereal, memorial

We realise that we are stretching definitions to the limit here, but when we started our Green Man project we did consider that we might come across the name Greenman somewhere along the way.  We made a conscious decision that we would include examples of such names, and where they occurred, in listing.  So Mr Benjamin Greenman is included here -- or rather, his gravestone is -- as an acknowledgement of those people who bear the name of the Green Man.

This is actually rather an attractive gravestone, with its pretty spray of ivy-leaf decoration, which seems a very suitable form of decoration for a green man.

Also at Hullavington

  • Two spewing beasts-heads on a panel in the church


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