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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliate head/spewer composite
Location: The Barge Inn, Honeystreet
OS GR: SU 101615
Period: 1990s
Medium: Paint (mural)
Foliage: Oakleaves
Mood: Luxuriant, earthy, mystic

This fine modern green man decorates the ceiling of a room at the Barge Inn, beside the Kennet & Avon canal at Honeystreet.  When the landlord of the Barge decided to redecorate the room which has become the headquarters of Crop Circle enthusiasts in the area, he approached local artist Vincent Palmer.

Palmer produced a design for the ceiling and upper walls that weaves together crop circles, local archaeology, and symbols of the elements.  He chose the green man to symbolise the element Earth, nature, lush growth and fertility. 

This green man is a composite of the two most common forms: foliate head, and foliage-spewer.  He also has sprays of oakleaves stretching out on either side, and strap-like roots, bearing crop circle motifs, radiate from the lower half of his head. 

Our photograph focuses on the green man himself, but he should really be viewed as part of the larger design, balanced by the sun (Fire) and surrounded by the archaeology and Wiltshire scenes that complete the mural.   Vince Palmer talks about the green man, the mural, and crop circles.

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