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Hinton Parva

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliage-spewer
Location: Church of St Swithin
OS GR: SU 233833
Period: Norman
Medium: Stone carving
Foliage: Stylised swirling coils
Mood: Canine
Hound defies gravity

A dog-like beast looks back over its own shoulder and spews out great coils of foliage around a Norman tub font.  The beast stands apparently on a wall, at right-angles to the ground in apparent defiance of gravity, its bottom resting on the tail of a bird.  It is all most unlikely and rather charming, especially as one follows the foliage around the font and finds a cock, a hen, two fish and a swirling serpent.

Also at Hinton Parva

  • Della Robbia plaque of the swaddled Christ, in Lady Chapel
  • Whistler glass in south window of south aisle - 'Glory be to God for dappled things' - showing the church with fritillaries and cyclamens.


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