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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliate head (beard)
Location: Parish church
OS GR: ST 874705
Period: Victorian, glass dated 1878
Medium: Stained glass
Foliage: Stylised
Mood: Festive yet stern
A rare green man in stained glass

This fellow is unusual in two senses.  Unusually, he is the bearer of a fine foliate beard; but more importantly, he is rendered in stained glass, which is extremely rare for the green man motif.  True, he is not a full green man, but if we can include those with foliate eyebrows, why not those with foliate beards?

He is in the East window of the Lady (north) chapel, in the bottom section of the left light, and he has a twin opposite him in the right light.  The twin, however, is more worn.

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