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Chiseldon - II

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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliage-spewer
Location: Church of the Holy Cross
OS GR: SU 186800
Period: 1890s
Medium: Stone carving
Foliage: Stylised
Mood: Toothy, champing
A toothsome subject

This foliage-spewer is on the south-west corner of the west end of the church exterior.  He is crisply-carved and new looking, probably dating from the church restoration of 1892.  The church guidebook by Sheila Passmore tells us that Ponting was in charge of the restoration, and we have met Ponting's work before in these pages.  He liked the green man motif and often included it in his restoration projects.

This striking green man is remarkable for its very fine set of natural-looking teeth.

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