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Report a Green Man

Type: Combination, foliate head and foliage-spewer
Location: Church of the Holy Trinity
OS GR: SU 018230
Period: Mid-Victorian (1866)
Medium: Wood
Foliage: Stylised acanthus
Mood: Suave, staring

We find this fine Victorian green man on the south side of the chancel roof: it is the central boss in the lowest rank.  He dates from the rebuilding of the chancel in 1865/6 by the architect T.H. Wyatt, who worked on so many Wiltshire churches.

This green man is a combination of styles: foliate head in the top half of his head, foliage-spewer in the bottom half.  His eyes have strongly-marked rims, giving the impression that he is wearing sunglasses!

Also at Bowerchalke

  • In the churchyard, grave of Sir William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, and his wife Ann.

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