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Report a Green Man

Type: Foliage-spewer
Location: Church of St Michael
OS GR: SU 264837
Period: Seventeenth-century
Medium: Stone and paint
Foliage: Olive-leaf
Mood: Leonine
On the Goddard Monument

A seventeenth-century cat-like demonic head spewing foliage decorates the Goddard monument in the south aisle.  The foliage is rather natural-looking, reminiscent of olive leaves, but the stems swirl and coil more like vines.  One coils from the mouth around the left corner of the monument (not visible here) and down some distance to decorate its outer edge.

Also at Aldbourne

  • Sea-dragons decorate the Walrond monument in the Lady chapel
  • A tongue-sticker on the exterior above the south window of the Goddard chapel
  • A giant eating some unfortunate decorates the south face of the tower
  • Coloured tombstones at the east end of the chancel exterior


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