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Green Man Image Bank The only website dedicated to identifying and recording all occurrences of the Green Man in the county of Wiltshire.

The Green Man can take a variety of forms - foliate head (made up of leaves), foliage spewer (like our logo above) or peeping out from between the leaves like his cousin, Jack-in-the-Green.

The Green Man may be sculpted in stone or wood, or pictured in glass or ceramics.  He may be crafted from earth and clothed in grass.  He may be painted in oils or stitched in material.  He may star in mumming plays or dance in carnival celebrations.  He may feature on pub signs or in shop names.  He may even, on rare occasions, be a she.  

Our mission is to find and record him in all his incarnations, wherever he might be in Wiltshire.

So take a look at our growing image bank, and if you know of a Wiltshire green man that we do not list, use the link on the left to report it to us, and we'll inspect, photograph, document and record it here.

Recent additions 18.1.09 - at long last an update to the site.  You'll find many more green men from Salisbury, including one from the strangest cinema in the country, plus a well-known example from Devizes.  That brings the current count up to 102, and we still have more to add - watch this space!


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