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What is folklore? I have been interested in folklore in general, and Wiltshire folklore in particular, since my childhood in the Pewsey Vale.  I was fascinated by the tales people told of giants in the barrows and ghosts in the lanes, and as the years passed I began to read widely, to collect and research Wiltshire folklore, and finally to write about it.

At the turn of the 21st century, my book The Haunted Landscape was published, where I wrote about all the types of folklore that most interest me.  The unifying element was the landscape of Wiltshire, my home county, and the folklore I recorded was almost all linked to places around the county.  In the book you can read about places where saints walk or the devil lurks, where black dogs patrol or big cats scream in the night.   On some pages you will find tales of dying gods and of living stones, of stars found in wells and of trees so ancient they were there before the church which now stands beside them.   And throughout the book there are ghosts of all kind, for ghosts are probably the most widespread and common folklore of our time. 

The buttons on the left of the page link to information about all the areas of Wiltshire's folklore that interest me most.  Much of what you will read is adapted from the published text of The Haunted Landscape, or from my first book, Folklore of Ancient Wiltshire, which focused on the folklore of archaeological sites in the county.


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