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Rituals for solo druids

Druidry home Ritual is a personal thing.  While I quite enjoy big group rituals as a way of meeting and getting to know other druids, I have never found them particularly spiritual occasions.  This says more about me than about the rituals, which have been carefully planned and crafted, and are greatly enjoyed by many who attend.  Indeed, one of my abiding memories is processing up Glastonbury Tor with members of OBOD, and seeing the line of druids winding up the Tor ahead of me, and down the Tor behind me.

But for a real sense of spirituality I need to achieve a meditative state that I can only reach when I am quiet, apart and alone.  Over the years I have devised a series of solo rites, shaped to suit my own druidry and my love of words.  They may perhaps suit you too.  If not, feel free to adapt and reshape.

First rituals in this section are for Samhain (Hallowe'en) and Alban Arthan (Yule).  The others will follow as the year turns.

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