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Just a few of my favourite Druid and/or Pagan sites. 
What is Druidry?
My Druidry

The Druid Network - the fullest and most informative Druid website, with many pages of information about druidry and druid living. Many links to other informative sites.
Rituals for solo druids
The sacred land The Hedge Druid Network - an organisation formed to "provide that sense of community we crave without needing to forgo the autonomy we all prize".  Ideal for the solo druid.
Druid writings
Druid bibliography Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids - the biggest Druid order worldwide, with a well-established training programme and many events organised nationally and internationally
At the Sign of the Black Cat
    The Pagan Federation - continually active in bringing Pagans together to promote and educate about Paganism in the wider community.

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