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What is Druidry? I have been Druid officially since summer solstice 2000, although I was probably Druid in essence for long before that.  Like many people, rather than becoming Druid, I found that Druid was the name for what I was already being and doing.

This section At the Sign of the Black Cat sets out what it is for me to be Druid. The links opposite cover:-

  • What is Druidry? - my personal take on the meaning and focus of the Druid tradition
  • My Druidry - an overview of what I do as Druid
  • Rituals - a number of seasonal and other rites for the solo worker
  • The Sacred Land - the core of Druidry for me, by Earth, Sea and Sky
  • Druid writings - my published articles written for a Druid audience
  • Druid bibliography - the books and articles I've found most inspirational for my own journey
  • Druid links - the best of the web
  • Tales from the Black Cat - my blog, with various musings on Druidry
  • At the Sign of the Black Cat - back to the home page


My Druidry
Rituals for solo druids
The sacred land
Druid writings
Druid bibliography
Druid links
Tales from the Black Cat
At the Sign of the Black Cat

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