Siavash Bagheri - BSc. Project Student (co-supervised with Dr. Philippe Blondel)
Fiona Chitty - BSc. Project Student (co-supervised with Dr. Philippe Blondel)
Fiona Bunting - BSc. Project Student
Maria Chan - BSc. Project Student
Benjamin Jury - BSc. Project Student
Alexander Cole - BSc. Project Student
Laura Leitch - BSc. Project Student (2012-13)
Jessica Chloe Myers - BSc. Project Student (2012-13)
Matthew Guy - BSc. Project Student (2012-13) (co-supervised with Dr. Alessandro Narduzzo)
Carmen Cheng - BSc.Project Student (2012-13) (co-supervised with Dr. Alessandro Narduzzo)
Richard Still  - BSc. Project Student (2011-12)
Alex Grounds - BSc. Project Student (2011-12)
Thomas Wigington - MPhys. Project Student  (2011-12).
Dr Yoshitaka Niida - Visiting Postgraduate Student (2011). Now (2013) at Fujitsu, Japan.
Steve Knight - MPhys. Project Student  (2010-11).  Now (2011) at Lloyds Banking Group.
Tom Gibson - MPhys. Project Student (2010-11).  Now (2011) at IPL Information Processing.

Old News Items

10th October 2012:
Alex and Richard publishes a paper in Scientific Reports about Leidenfrost droplets! This is our first open access paper and also our first paper that has nothing to do with semiconductors or quantum mechanics (at least, not directly). 

23rd February 2012:
New superconducting magnet system and Variable Temperature Insert (VTI) installed and up and running.

   Superconducting magnet system with VTI

11th May 2011:
New results published in PRL

4th November 2010:
New results on wafer bonding published

3rd November 2010:
David to present recent results at CMMP 2010.

4th October 2010:

Steve Knight and Tom Gibson start experiments.

26th March 2010:
Trial use of Twitter started. We will try to twitter things that might be of interest to those interested in this site. Please use the link under the TEM image.

26th March 2010:
Steve Knight and Tom Gibson to join for MPhys projects. Welcome!

10th February 2010:
MPhys. project description uploaded.
(Positions now filled)

10th February 2010:
New photographs of our lab uploaded.

11th January 2010:
New member arrives:
David Tregurtha.

16th November 2009:
PhD opportunities for 2010 uploaded.

25th September 2009:
New PhD opportunity advertised!
(Position now filled.)

18th August 2009:
Webpage uploaded.

10th August 2009:
Kei Takashina arrives at the University of Bath!

31st July 2009:
Kei Takashina leaves the Quantum Solid State Physics Research Group in the Physical Science Laboratory of NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT Corporation, Japan.