icff 2012

second international conference on flexible formwork


Session Videos - Organised by Paper Number

Each presentation given at icff2012 was recorded for viewing on this website.  The video links for each available presentation can be found in the table below.

Parallel sessions were captured using ‘Panopto’ and these open in a new viewer.  Keynote and Plenary sessions were recorded with Video Cameras only and open as a video file hosted on YouTube.

Due to a technical problem recordings made on video cameras were not captured at the desired quality.  Apologies for any audio problems you may have with the videos.


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West, M

Pedreschi, R

Abdelgader, H

Adderley, A

Araya, R

Bak, A

Belton, S

Bhooshan, S

Chandler, A

Chilton, J

Coar, L

Conlon, C

Cortes, E

Grünewald, R

Hawkswood, M

Huijben, F

Iqbal, S

Jack, W

Kollegger, J

Kostova, K

Lawton, S

Lloyd Thomas, K

Manelius, A

Manelius, A

Morrow, R

Oesterle, S

Orr, J

Pronk, A

Raun, C

Remy, T

Schmitz, R

Shaffer, M

Tang, G

Tang, G

Torsing, R

Tysmans, T

Veenendaal, D

Verwimp, E

West, M

Williams, C


How Flexible?

Smart processes, fabric formwork as a disruptive technology

Effect Of Fabric Form Types On Compressive Strength Of Concrete

Building Matters: An investigation into the use of permanent formwork

Flat sheet fabric moulds for double curvature precast concrete elements

Intuitive interactive form finding of optimised fabric-cast concrete

The Application of Actively-Tensioned Fabric Membranes as Formwork for Complex Curved Concrete Structures Using Digital Methods of Form-Finding, Structural Analysis, and Fabrication.

Sub-division Surfaces in Architectural Form-Finding and the fabrication process

A new vernacular

Form-finding and fabric forming in the work of Heinz Isler

Wobbly Structures: Exploring the potential of flexible frames and fabric formed ice structures

Advancements in Concrete Shell and Fabric Formwork Construction Technology made by Irish Engineer James Waller

ADAPTABLE FORMWORK FOR CONCRETE: practical experience in forms and textures; working with fabric and vacuum formed plastic

Deliberate deformation of concrete after casting

Fabric Formwork Systems used in Marine Construction

VACUUMATICS: building shells with ‘nothing’

Generative Pattern through Material Behavior; fabric as flexible form-work

Crushedwall, Heartlands

The building of ice and concrete shells by employing pneumatic formwork

Advanced Composite Reinforcement for Fabric Formed Structural Elements

Case Study – Fabric Formed Stair

Casting Operations: Wall One, Chelsea Panels and the Description of Process

Experimental data – fabric-formed concrete as material and process

Formwork Tectonics – Rhetorical and Instrumental Roles in Fabric Formwork for Concrete

Fabric in concrete form and surface

Wax Formwork for Wasteless Free-form Concrete Structures

Optimisation and Durability in fabric cast ‘Double T’ beams

85 Ways to make a membrane mould

Reconfigurable double-curved mould

Flexible formwork applied on furniture

Fabric-formed Concrete Member Design

Flexible Formwork and the Displacement City: A Technology of Extreme Accommodation

Deployable Gridshells and their application as temporary, reusable and flexible Concrete Formwork

The Rise and Fall of The Thin Concrete Shell – Form Active structures and its relationship to Formwork: A cultural assessment of past application and future impact on architectural design

Large-scale designs for mixed fabric and cablenet formed structures

Flexible reinforcement systems for spatially curved concrete structures

Computational form finding for fabric formworks

Structural stay-in-place formwork in textile reinforced cement composites for very slender concrete columns

Recent Fabric Formwork Construction Projects:Tilt-Up Walls (Korea) – Precast Columns and Slabs (Canada)

Meshfree peridynamic computer modeling of concrete in three dimensions using randomly positioned particles

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