About Me

Hi, I'm Ian Thompson, a first year Physics PhD student at the University of Bath. I work in the Condensed Matter Theory Group studying glassy physics and jamming phenomena.

I am supervised by Dr. Robert Jack (links at the left of the page) and work on similar topics to postdoctoral researcher Dr. Chris Fullerton.

I studied for my Undergraduate MPhys degree at Bath also, and I have posted links to my final year project work in the archive.

What Else Do I Do

This is a list of the things I've mashed out on a keyboard and offer to you to read. It will only cost you time.

A quick reference C cheat sheet for beginners.

A presentation I gave at a pub to explain (briefly) the idea behind what I do and why you might care.

A talk I gave to the Condensed Matter Theory Group in Bath in December 2013 concerning pink rods and ensemble equivalence.

And this is a list of things other people have carefully written.

A short article outlining why the supposed conflict between Science and Religion is a personal choice and not a profuct of the two concepts themselves.