About Me

Hi, I'm Ian Thompson, a first year Physics PhD student at the University of Bath. I work in the Condensed Matter Theory Group studying glassy physics and jamming phenomena.

I am supervised by Dr. Robert Jack (links at the left of the page) and work on similar topics to postdoctoral researcher Dr. Chris Fullerton.

I studied for my Undergraduate MPhys degree at Bath also, and I have posted links to my final year project work in the archive.

What Else Do I Do

My days mostly involve sitting at my computer writing and running simulations of physical systems rather than shooting said systems with lasers. The programming monotony is broken by reading Scientific papers, once for flavour eight times for understanding, and some frustratingly sloppy maths.

As well as my research in the department I also assist teaching by supervising undergraduate lab sessions and problems classes. I am also involved in outreach activities such as the Bath Taps into Science Festival and University open days.

Some writing about sexism in high-end computing.