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Hayley Wragg

Sussex Photo
Full Name:
Ms Hayley Leanne Wragg
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
Job Title:
PhD Research Programme in Mathematics
Prof. Chris Budd OBE, Dr Robert Watson, Dr Keith Briggs, Dr Michael Fitch
E-mail Address:
Postal Address:
Ms Hayley Leanne Wragg
6 West 1.27
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
United Kingdom

Research Area:
Applied mathematician using mathematical models to simulate high frequency wave propagation. Concentrating on propagation within a domestic indoor environment. Currently looking at the method of Geometric optics and comparing this to a numerical Helmholtz model on a simplified domain.
Interests include:

Mmath at the University of Sussex.
The University of Sussex inspired me to follow my passion for Mathematics. I was fortunate enough to benefit from the university Junior Research Associate scheme.
I recommend the scheme to any undergraduates looking to get an insight into a research career.

Alan Tayler Day 2017:
The method of Geometric Optics Applied to Wifi Propagation-Poster
SciCADE Conference 2017:
The Method of Geometric Optics for High Frequency Waves-Poster
Eighth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
Next Generation Computational Modelling Summer Academy 2017.
128th European Study Group with Industry:
SAMBa Conference 2017:
The Method of Geometric Optics Poster
SIAM Student Conference 2017:
Project Introduction Poster
Alan Tayler Day 2016:
Project Introduction Poster

Previous Research:
Junior Research Associate 2015:
Poster "Unearthing Mathematical Models for Cell Surface Dynamics"
Supervisors: Anotida Madzvamuse, Chandrasekhar Vankataraman
Junior Research Associate 2014:
Poster "Embeddings & Immersions of Manifolds: Whitney-Stiefel classes & Smale’s Theorem"
Supervisors: Ali Taheri, Miroslav Chlebik

I am part of an outreach group at the University of Bath called the Mathletes. We run workshops in Probability and Cryptography at schools and at the university.

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