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Hayley Wragg

Sussex Photo
Full Name:
Ms Hayley Leanne Wragg
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
Job Title:
PhD Research Programme in Mathematics
Representative Role:
Bath UCU Postgraduate Research Representative
Prof. Chris Budd OBE, Dr Robert Watson, Dr Keith Briggs, Dr Michael Fitch
E-mail Address:
Postal Address:
Ms Hayley Leanne Wragg
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
United Kingdom

Research Area:
Applied mathematician using mathematical models to simulate ultra-high frequency wave propagation. Concentrating on modelling wifi propagation within a domestic indoor environment. Currently looking at the method of geometric optics and adapting this to account for general domains. This will then be extended to consider stochastic domains. We plan to use this approach to develop optimisation methods for indoor wifi coverage.
Interests include:

Research Group:
The industrial maths research group meets weekly in Bath giving regular updates on everyones work and featuring presentations from groups members and visitors.

Twitter highlights:
SAMBa mug travels

It was fantastic discussing ideas with the wave modeling group at @UniofNottingham yesterday. Jotting down the overflow from my brain on my journey back to Bath. @SAMBa_CDT

— HLW (@MissGullible) May 16, 2019

On my way to @UniofNottingham with my @SAMBa_CDT cup. Giving a seminar on my work, only a tiny bit terrified.

— HLW (@MissGullible) May 15, 2019

#InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience I'm a Mathematician working on developing new prediction models for WiFi.
Pic1- Me and a statue of Gauss in Braunschweig--antenna workshop.
Pic2- Santiago de Compostela--industrial Maths workshop.
Pic3- Giving a talk in St Andrews.

— HLW (@MissGullible) February 12, 2019
Mental Health week 2019
Part 1: Part 2:
Conference with a conscience
A limerick on my PhD
Personal experience of being a female mathematician in a male engineering world
Female Mathematician in a Male Engineering World. – This girl can, and you can too.
Reflections on what is "real life" and what really is "the real world".
Industry Study Group Experience

Mmath at the University of Sussex.
The University of Sussex inspired me to follow my passion for Mathematics. I was fortunate enough to benefit from the university Junior Research Associate scheme.
I recommend the scheme to any undergraduates looking to get an insight into a research career. The two placements I did allowed me to investigate a new area of mathematics without the distraction of assessment. In this time I developed a love mathematics and in particular mathematical research.

SciCADE the International Conference on Scientific Computation and Differential Equations 2019
SAMBa summer conference 2019
Talk and Poster : Modeling high frequency electromagnetic propagation – A generalised ray-launching approach.
Invited Seminar Talk -- Wave Modelling Research Group at the University of Nottingham
High frequency electromagnetic wave propagation modelling and optimisation of source position and transmitter choice - A generalised ray-launching approach.
European conference on Antennas and Propagation 2019.
IRACON COST action - 9th MC meeting and 9th technical meeting
event page
COST action page
Joint IRACON-WaveComBE Training Workshop on Radio Channel Modelling for 5G Millimetre Wave Communications in Built Environments
Integrative Think Tank 9 - Thunder and Lighting: challenges in environmental risk and advanced imaging
138th European Study group with Industry
139th European Study group with Industry
SAMBa Conference 2018
The ray-launching method applied to ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave propagation.- Poster
SIAM National Student Chapter Conference 2018
The ray-launching method applied to ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave propagation.- Poster
LMS Women in Maths Days 2018
The ray-launching method applied to ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave propagation.- Poster
British Applied Mathematics Colloquium 2018
Propagation of Signals from Indoor Small Cells at Ultra-High frequencies.- Slides
Energy Systems Industry Study Group 2018
Alan Tayler Day 2017:
The Method of Geometric Optics Applied to Wifi Propagation-Poster
SciCADE Conference 2017:
The Method of Geometric Optics for High Frequency Waves-Poster
Eighth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
Next Generation Computational Modelling Summer Academy 2017.
128th European Study Group with Industry:
SAMBa Conference 2017:
The Method of Geometric Optics Poster
SIAM Bath Student Chapter Conference 2017:
Project Introduction Poster
British Applied Mathematics Coloquium 2017
Alan Tayler Day 2016:
Project Introduction Poster

Previous Research:
Junior Research Associate 2015:
Poster "Unearthing Mathematical Models for Cell Surface Dynamics"
Supervisors: Anotida Madzvamuse, Chandrasekhar Vankataraman
Junior Research Associate 2014:
Poster "Embeddings & Immersions of Manifolds: Whitney-Stiefel classes & Smale’s Theorem"
Supervisors: Ali Taheri, Miroslav Chlebik

I am part of an outreach group at the University of Bath called the Bathematicians. We run workshops in Probability and Cryptography at schools and at the university. The group is currently working on developing new materials and workshops, for any queries please contact Tamsin Smith