Description: Description: Description: Prof. Alan Lewis

Professor Alan LEWIS, BSc., Ph.D., CPsychol., FBPsS. AcSS.


Positions Held

Professor of Economic Psychology , University of Bath.

President: International Association of Researchers in Economic Psychology. 2009-2011.

Honorary Visiting Professor ,School of Psychology, University of Exeter 2010-2013.

Director of Studies : MRes. Environment, Energy and Resilience.

Senate: 2005-2008.

2001 -2004  Head of Psychology Department

1998 -99  Acting Head of Psychology Department

1993 -2001/2009-2011. Undergraduate Director of Studies. Psychology.

1999 -2004 Director of Studies: MSc Applied Social Psychology.

1996 - 2000  Editor: Journal of Economic Psychology

1988 - 2001 - Director, Centre for Economic Psychology.

1986 -1998 - Reader in Economic Psychology.

1979 - 1986 - Lecturer in Research Methods in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Bath.

1976 - 1979 - Research Fellow in Applied Social Psychology at the Centre for Fiscal Studies, University of Bath.

1973 - 1976 - Tutorial Fellow, Psychology Department, University of Wales, Cardiff.


Biography and Qualifications

Date of Birth: 18th April 1952.
Marital Status: Married to Sandie Lewis, Head of Strategy, Wiltshire Council.
Daughters: Francesca Lewis, Emma Strawford-Lewis.



B.Sc. (Psychology)  University of Wales, Cardiff ( now Cardiff University), 1973.

Ph.D. "Experimental Studies of Reciprocal Communications", University of Wales, 1976.


Research Interests

Applied Social Psychology, especially economic and environmental aspects typified by the following:

1.      Sustainability : Socially Responsible Investments; Personal Carbon Trading; Littering; Local Environmental Initiatives.

2.      Economic Decision Making and Socialization.

3.      Tax Evasion and other Fiscal Matters.


Research Grants

1 2005-2008 £120,000 Mistra ( Swedish Charity). “ Behavioural Impediments to Sustainable Investment.” This forms part of a 21 Million SEK (approx £1.5 million) award to Evert Carlsson, Anders Biel, Tommy Garling, Catalin Starica (University of Goteborg)  and Alan Lewis (University of Bath).

2 1997-1998 £70,580 NCR Financial Systems Ltd. "An International Appraisal of Perceptions of EFTPOS and Mondex."

3 1994 - 1998  £108,000 ESRC (with Adrian Winnett and Paul Webley) "Morals and Money: Ethical and green investing".

41994 - 1996 £252,000 EPSRC (with Alan Day and Geoff Hammond) "Monitoring the City: The effect of feedback on attitudes and behaviour".

5 1990 £10,920 British Telecom "Working from Home".

6 1990 £2,100 ESRC "Consumer Reactions to Automated Teller Machines".

7 1989 £1,000 Halifax Building Society "Savings Behaviour".

8 1984 £27,000 Inland Revenue and Nuffield Foundation "Understanding the Inland Revenue".

9 1982 £400 Rowntree Foundation "Attitudes to Taxation and Public Expenditure".

10 1980 £11,000 Winncott Foundation "Student Loans or Grants?".



a) Books

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b) Monographs

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b) Journal Articles and Contributions to Books

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International Conferences (published as conference proceedings) and Invited Lectures

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (2009) “ The Credit Crunch: A psychological perspective” and “ A pilot study of a personal carbon allowance simulation” (with Stuart Capstick). International Association of Researchers in Economic Psychology (IAREP) and the Society for Behavioural Economics (SABE).

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Ann Arbor, University of Michigan (2004) "The artful and the artless dodger: Responses to the challenge of instrumental tax evasion". International conference on Behavioural Public Finance. Paper presented with J.Cullis with a written contribution from P.Jones.

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British Conferences and Invited Lectures

‘Litterbugs’   Press conference. Policy Exchange, London. (2009) With Bill Bryson (representing the Campaign to Protect Rural England) Lord Hunt (DEFRA Minister of State) and Nick Herbert (Shadow Minister).

3rd ESRC Research Methods Festival (2008). The Experimental Method and Rational Economic Man: A Perspective from Economic Psychology”. St. Catherine’s, Oxford University

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Invited Presentations, Universities of Cambridge, Bristol, Exeter, Cardiff, Sheffield, Lancaster ,Manchester , Newcastle, Reading, UWE and Sussex.

Annual Public Administration Conference, York, 1982 "Psychology and the Public Sector".


Recent Teaching and Postgraduate Supervision

1. Economic and Environmental Psychology to final year undergraduates.

2. Social Psychology: Critical and Traditional Approaches.

3. Research Methods


Recent Postgraduate Supervision:

Carmen Smith “ Ecological Citizenship Among Concerned Consumers” ESRC (SWDTC) 1 +3 2011-

Stuart Capstick “ Personal Carbon Trading”. MRes Psychology competed (with distinction) 2008.

Nick Nash “Not in my front garden: The social construction of a greenfield development site.” ESRC PhD completed 2007

Danyelle Guyatt " Socially responsible  institutional investment". ESRC  PhD completed 2006.

Annette Otto “Adolescent Saving”. PhD External Examiner, 2007.Completed 2009.

Caroline Roberts “British Attitudes toward the EURO”. PhD External Examiner 2007.

Lorraine Whitmarsh “Flooding and Behaviour Change”. PhD Internal Examiner, 2006.

Hong Mao “Tax Compliance in China”. MPhil. External Examiner, 2006.

Caroline Adams " The psychology of VAT compliance" . PhD External Examiner, 2002.

Adrian Scott " The psychology of UK student debt". (PhD completed 2004 ; MSc completed 1999).

Teresa Daniel " Individual Differences in Intertemporal Choice" PhD   External Examiner,  1998 .

Craig Mackenzie " The history and authenticity of ethical investing" ESRC PhD. Completed 1997.

Constantina Bichta "Money management in the family" MSc . Completed 1996.

Mark McNulty "The Construction of Fashion in the Clothing Industry" MPhil Completed 1995.

Nick Rigillo "The Psychology of Investment Decision Making in Small and Large Firms" MPhil. Completed 1995.

Maureen Williamson "Lay People's Cognitive Models of the Economy" PhD.External Examiner, 1992.

Carole Burgoyne "The Meanings of Money" PhD. Completed 1991.



International Association of Researchers in Economic Psychology (IAREP).

British Psychological Society (Social Psychology Section).


Journal Reviewer

British Journal of Psychology

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Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology

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Egg plc. ( Financial Competence of the General Public).

Nestle UK Ltd. (Money in the Contemporary Family)

British Telecom (Attitudes of Employees to Homeworking).

Halifax Building Society (Consumer Reactions to New Technology).

Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise (Design of Communications; Consumer Surveys; Measurement of Compliance Costs).

Royal Rheumatic Hospital, Bath (Research Methods for Practitioners)

Harris Polls Ltd (Questionnaire Design)

NCR Financial Systems Ltd (Consumer Attitudes to New Technology).


Other Distinctions

Winner(with J.Cullis and P.Jones) for the best paper in socio-economics 1995 presented in Geneva By SASE 1996.