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PS30015 - Economic and Political Psychology (6 credits )

Alan Lewis

About the course

The course addresses the social and developmental psychology of political, economic and moral reasoning. Why are some people rich and others poor? Why do people variously become political activists, tax evaders or moral crusaders in the market place? The primary focus of the course in is how people make sense of the world, how these ideas are constructed, where they come from and the functions that they serve.

Processes of socialisation play an important part in the development of social and political explanations. How might these processes take place and how are 'common-sense' ideas constructed? Furthermore the relationships between 'élite' and 'lay' explanations are explored including the influence of models of the person described by philosophers and economists in particular and those aspects of 'human nature' which are taken, in a popular sense, as self evident. Certain explanations are shared by identifiable social groups; are these explanations ones that favour the social group concerned? How are these "social constructions" contested between competing sections of society? Back to top


10 lectures over a 12 week period, discussion of radio and T.V. programmes. 

Time and Location

Time 11.15-13.15 Fridays

Location 4E 3.5Back to top

Weekly Lectures at a Glance

Week 1 (Oct 10th) Theory and Method

Week 2 (Oct 17th) Getting older Younger (Video and debate).

Week 3 (Oct 24th) Economic Socialisation and Student Debt

Week 4(Oct 31st) Values and Lay Beliefs: Rhetoric and the Construction of Meaning

Week 5 (Nov 7th) Visiting Speaker: Dr Brian Young, Department of Psychology, University of Exeter; Title "Children, Consumption and Advertising"
Dr Brian Young's talk (Powerpoint)

Week 6 (Nov 14th) Morality and the Market

Week 7 (Nov 21st) The Meaning of Money and Mental Accounts

Week 8 (Nov 28th) PWE and the Economies in Transition

Week 9 (Dec 5th) (Cancelled: Alan Lewis at conference in Norway)

Week 10 (Dec 12th) Citizenship: Attitiudes to Taxation and Public Spending

Week 14 (Jan 9th) Environmentalism

Week 15 (Jan 16th) Revision Back to top


One, two-hour examination during the assessment period starting January 19th 2003.

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Economic and Political Psychology

Alan Lewis

Reading List


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Recommended Journals and other Sources

* The Journal of Economic Psychology. (See in particular editions on household decision making, economic socialization and fiscal psychology.)

* The Journal of Economic Perspectives.

* Journal of Socio-Economics (formerly the Journal of Behavioural Economics).

More information about courses and readings in economic psychology are available on the web:


See my c.v. on my webpage for the most up to date publications.

Please also make use of the Offprint Collection especially papers filed as economic psychology,moral development, development of values, psychology and politics.

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