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PS10001: Psychology 1

The Unit

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Syllabus & Content

-Weekly lectures at a glance

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    PS10001: Psychology 1

    This course is for Psychology and Psychology and Communications Engineering Students









    Staff Involved

    Alan Lewis

    Ian Fairholm

    Method of Assessment

    1 Class Test

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    Time & Location

    Wednesdays 9.15 - 11.15, University Hall


    Syllabus & Content

    The course has two main foci: social psychology and biological psychology. In the first students are asked to consider the relationship between the individual and society: are we truly individuals or does it make more sense to think of ourselves as members of wider social and cultural groupings? This question is considered in the context of the changing face of psychology and the relationship between social psychology and sociology.
    The power of group pressure is explored on a session dealing with conformity and deviance, which is contrasted with another on personality and the self, which emphasises individual differences. Exceptions to 'rationality' are covered in a session on heuristic decision making as well as more general aspects of the literature on thinking and reasoning.

    The second half of the course is biologically orientated covering connectionism and other theories of learning and memory; the importance of the nervous system and its reactions; the major senses and the responsibilities of the Brain in language comprehension and production.

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    Weekly lectures at a glance

    Week 1 (Oct 8th) Society and the Individual. Social Cognition and Perception.

    Week 2 (Oct 15th) Conformity and Deviance

    Week 3 (Oct 22nd) Personality and the Self

    Week 4 (Oct 29th) Thinking and Reasoning

    Week 5 (Nov 5th) Mock Test (Peer Reviewed)

    Week 6 (Nov 12th) Learning and Memory

    Week 7 (Nov 19th) The Nervous System

    Week 8 (Nov 26th) Vision and Hearing

    Week 9 (Dec 3rd) Language and the Brain

    Week 10 (Dec 10th) Clinical Psychology

    Week 14 (Jan 7th) Revision

    Week 15 (Jan 14th) Formal Test

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    Lecture Slides/Notes

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    Reading List

    The recommended text is Eysenck, M. (2000) Psychology: A Student's Handbook. The Psychology Press. Hove.

    You will not be expected to read even a quarter of the books listed below and you will probably get by simply by reading and using the recommended text given above. However, if you want to read more widely or if you are interested in going into any of the topic areas in more depth, the following books provide a good place to start.

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    Look in the library - 360.61 and .611 and .612 within Social Psychology.



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