Jasco J-810 Booking Sheet

Last modified: 2 Dec 2015


Always follow the turning ON / OFF procedure.

Make sure you turn on the nitrogen flow at least 15 min before you start your experiment. When turing off, leave the N2 on for at least 15 min after you switched off the lamp

DAYTIME SLOTS (8:00-17:00)

To ensure that everybody can do their experiments in a timely manner, please e-mail the other users if you need to book more than 6 consecutive hours.


Recommended for long experiments.

user manuals and software can be found at: http://people.bath.ac.uk/gp304/cd/manuals/

Spekwin32 is a very useful freeware (academic use) that can open jws files generated by the J-810 spectrometer. Works on all Windows versions and on Mac OS X with Wine (if you need the latter ask Dan).