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Hints for searching the bibliography

You can search for entries in the bibliography by author, title, journal name, date and publisher. In all cases, the search is case-insensitive and you need only enter the first six characters of each word.

For example, enter the search string eells to find all papers by Eells (or mentioning his name in the title).

To do better, combine several words together: enter
eells sampson
(or even eells sampso) to get all papers by or mentioning Eells and Sampson; enter
eells sampson 1964
to get all papers by Eells and Sampson which were published in 1964 (there are two of them).

Finally, to find the seminal 1964 Eells-Sampson paper in the American Journal of Mathematics, we enter
eells sampson 1964 amer
and get the output:

Search results for eells sampson 1964 amer:

%A J. Eells
%A J.H. Sampson
%T Harmonic mappings of Riemannian manifolds
%J Amer. J. Math.
%V 86
%D 1964
%P 109-160

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