Olga А. Bogatyreva PhD, DSc

Богатырева Ольга Александровна


Welcome to my homepage.

I am a research officer in the Centre for Biomimetic and Natural Technologies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

 at the University of Bath

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Dr Olga Bogatyreva
8 East 1.15
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath
United Kingdom

  A brief curriculum vita  and publications



Theory of Inventive problem solving (TRIZ)


TRIZ and nature-inspired design: we apply ideas of TRIZ to theoretical biology and biological ideas to engineering. Currently we are working on biological effects database – “patents” of Nature

We enrich TRIZ with biology and developed our own natural problem solving tool for engineers.  We conduct workshops for industry facilitating them for inventions and generating creative solutions for their problems.


TRIZ in Space Exploration: human missions to Moon and Mars.

Our study raised a new challenge for TRIZ – to solve the problems that are unknown yet. Obviously, outer space brings a lot of challenges – there is neither experience, nor single reference point for the decision taking in such conditions. To help in unknown problem solving is actual challenge for TRIZ itself!


Management in animal societies: the focus of this research is on self-organisation in complex living systems with abilities for decision-making. The book “Social Synergetics” is dedicated to this subject.