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March 2015: New publication in Nature Communications

Read about our work on the vibrational spectroscopy of doped conjugated copolymers recently published in Nature Communications! Daniele Di Nuzzo and Claudio Fontanesi in collaboration with scientists from Amsterdam, Wuppertal and Paderborn unravel the role of geometrical disorder on the doping efficiency of small molecules in conjugated polymers.

June 2014: Symposium on 2D Materials for Optoelectronics

Together with Prof. Maurice Skolnick (Univ. of Sheffield) and Prof. Geoff Nash (Univ. of Exeter), Enrico Da Como is organizing an international symposium on 2D matetrials for Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Photonics. The event, which will bring together top researchers from around the world working on graphene and metal chalcogenides, will take place in the Lake District in September 2014. The event is within the series of workshops promoted by the Rank Prize Foundation.

May 2013: New publication in PRL

Our work on the infrared spectroscopy of graphene and few layer graphene has been accepted in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters. The study indentify for the first time optical induced intersubband transitions in few layer graphene opening up applications in infrared photonics and optoelectronics.
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