May 2013: New publication in PRL

Our work on the infrared spectroscopy of graphene and few layer graphene has been accepted in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters. The study indentify for the first time optical induced intersubband transitions in few layer graphene opening up applications in infrared photonics and optoelectronics.
Update Publications 2013

April 2013: Daniele Di Nuzzo joins the group

Daniele, after obtaining his PhD from Technical University of Eindhoven, joins the group as Post-doctoral research assosciate.

February 2013: New publication in JACS

Raphael Tautz during a visiting period at CUSBO in Milan sponsored by LaserLab Europe observed the influence of photon excess energy on the generation of polaron-pairs in donor acceptor conjugated systems comparing copolymers and oligomers.

Online publication Link

October 2012: Stefan Fischbach joins the group

Stefan starts his PhD thesis in the group. He will work on advanced optical spectroscopy of carbon based nanomaterials.

June 2012: Wolfson Refurbishment Grant awarded

The Royal Society granted our proposal for the refurbishment of a laboratory to perform advanced experiments of spectroscopic imaging on mesostructures.


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