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Understanding Matter Through Light Understanding Matter Through Light Understanding Matter Through Light

March 2018: New publication in Crystal Growth & Design

James Henderson in collaboration with the groups of Alberto Girlando (Parma) and Paul Raithby (Bath) has published a paper on new polymorphs of perylene-TCNQ cocrystals and their temperature induced phase transition.

October 2017: New paper on polaron dynamics in Physical Review Materials

Marie Anderson has recently published a paper in Physical Review Materials showing how polarons in doped conjugated polymers can be displaced by vibrational modes. The work is the result of an international collaboration with several academic and industrial laboratories and the EXTMOS project.

July 2017: Charles Sayers wins best poster award at 2D materials workshop

Congratulations to Charles Sayers who has won the best poster prize at the workshop Electronic structure of 2D materials: theory meets experiment organized at the Diamond light source.
(Link workshop)


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