University of Bath

9 May 2018

3rd Annual Bath PGR Conference on Computer Science BCCS 2018

BCCS 2017 Group Photo


This conference is a one day event being held to demonstrate the latest research that is being done by all researchers in Computer Science at Bath University, showing the connections between the different groups in the field by allowing researchers from all fields to present and discuss their work. The aim of the conference is to exchange ideas and information about what is happening inside and outside of your field, and to see our progression of Computer Science as a whole.

The conference is open to all Postgraduate students, Postdoctoral researchers and staff, and will be aimed throughout all research areas of Computer Science at the University of Bath. We welcome submissions from the following research areas:

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Intelligent systems
  • Mathematical foundations
  • Mixed & Augmented Reality & Virtual Environments
  • Visual Computing

Previous meetings: BCCS17 SPARC


We are currently calling for abstracts for talks. Submissions should consist of a PDF file of 1-2 pages, written in the English language. The document should be intended to address a general Computer Science audience. All submissions will need to be electronic, consisting of a single PDF file.

Your abstract could outline either your research in general, or a specific result or study that you are conducting, or have finished. For the 1st year research students, a submission could contain preliminary research ideas or an outline of their transfer report.

Abstract submissions should be sent to


We plan to host a poster session this year. Posters submissions will consist of a maximum one page abstract.‚Äč The posters can be printed on any university printer in A3 format.

Poster submissions should be sent to


Workshops can have different aims, e.g. provide a specific training, invite a guest speaker to talk on a specific topic or to have an in-depth discussion with field experts. Workshop proposals should describe the topic and the background or skills needed for their attendance.

To submit a workshop idea, please contact us


Submission Deadline: 13 April 2018

The second edition of BCCS will take place on May 9th, 2017, at University of Bath.


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  • Malte Lichtenberg
  • Alessio Santamaria
  • David Sherratt
  • Catherine Taylor
  • Andreas Theodorou
  • Bingjie Yu
  • Will Zhang

To contact the organisers please email