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Dept of Mathematical Sciences
Prob-L@B (list of research topics) Analysis
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Integrated PhD Statistical Applied Mathematics: SAMBa Twitter Blog
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Mr Daniel Ng
4 West 2.21
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
United Kingdom

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What is SAMBa? SAMBa stands for Statistical Applied Mathematics of Bath and is a four-year MRes (Master of Research) plus PhD integrated CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training), funded by EPSRC. First year SAMBa students take a variety of compulsory courses to work towards their MRes degree:

During this year they have time to meet and choose their PhD supervisors. In the summer are required to write a Thesis Formulation Report and give a MRes Transfer presentation. Second-year SAMBa students begin their PhD officially and will also need to do some courses for credit. Throughout SAMBa, there will be opportunities for students to go to Integrated Think Tanks. These are one-week long conferences where students meet industrial partners to help formulate real-life problems into mathematical ones. Successful formulations of problems may eventually lead to a PhD project. Here is the programme catalogue.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the interface between analysis and probability theory. My PhD supervisors are Alex Cox and Johannes Zimmer.

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Link to teaching page.

In 2017 October-December, I taught Analysis 2A (Uniform convergence, metric spaces, compactness).

In 2018 February-April, I teach Algebra 1B (vectors and matrices) and Algebra 2B (rings and fields).