MA30237 Group Theory

Lecturer: David Calderbank. Office: 4W 3.41. Email:

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Contact: Please email me to arrange a time if you would like to meet with me in my office. Please do not email with questions about the course: instead post them on the Moodle Queries or Discussion Forum, so that the whole class can see my reply.

Lectures: Wed 11:15-12:05 (CB 2.6), Fri 10:15-11:05 (3E 2.1).
Seminar: Thu 17:15-18:05 (3E 2.1)

Lecture notes
Outline lecture notes will be made available section-by-section with a rough indication of the week(s) they cover. Please report any errors to the discussion forum. WARNING: these notes are not a substitute for taking your own careful notes during lectures.


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