Writing a Literature Review

I started a(nother) draft of my literature review today. The topic is audio games, and while I have spent the guts of a year trawling over top tier conference proceedings (CHI, UIST, CSCW) I have built up a vast amount of solid lit on audio as an interaction paradigm to machines. The problem is: very few were specific to gaming. Having spent the past year developing an audio game (see the previous post here), I am eager to adapt the review to focus on the crucial concept of applying spatial audio to games.

Today was a momentous day.

I came across the 2004 issue of ACM ACE (Applications in Computer Entertainment) and there were a slew of papers in those proceedings focused on audio in games. I found some excellent references that specifically focus on applying research from Blattner, Gaver and Brewster to games. Needless to say, tomorrow’s session will go by much smoother :-)

Signing off