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  1. EngD = Done!


    A copy of my thesis is now available from my cv page.

    Today I successfully defended my thesis Compensating for Distance Compression in Virtual Audiovisual Environments, passing my viva voce with minor corrections! Once my corrections have been completed and submitted, I’ll stick a PDF up here for …

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  2. Writing a Literature Review

    I started a(nother) draft of my literature review today. The topic is audio games, and while I have spent the guts of a year trawling over top tier conference proceedings (CHI, UIST, CSCW) I have built up a vast amount of solid lit on audio as an interaction paradigm …

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  3. First Post

    So, I set up this site almost a year ago now and never actually published anything to it. I’ve decided to have a bash at it and might try and publish to it at least once a week, probably on a Sunday afternoon ( much like this one :-) ).

    I’ve …

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