13. Taxane Diterpenes.1. Control of Relative and Absolute Stereochemistry in Intramolecular Pyrylium Ylide-Alkene Cyclizations for the Synthesis of Taxol Precursors
Tetrahedron 1996, 52, 14081-14102
Bauta, W. E.; Booth, J.; Bos, M. E.; DeLuca, M.; Diorazio, L.; Donohoe, T. J.; Frost, C.; Magnus, N.; Magnus, P.; Mendoza, J.; Pye, P.; Tarrant, J. G.; Thom, S.; Ujjainwalla, F.
Intramolecular pyrylium ylide-alkene cyclizations provide control of the absolute stereochemistry at the crucial C-19 angular methyl group, and leads to bicyclo[5.4.0(3,8)]undecenones that contain the structural elements of the B/C rings of the taxanes