49. Ruthenium(II) Complexes of the Chelating Phosphine Borane H2ClB • Dppm
Journal Of Organometallic Chemistry 2005, 690, 2829-2834
Merle, N.; Frost, C. G.; Kociok-Kohn, G.; Willis, M. C.; Weller, A. S.
Reaction of H2CIB • PPh2CH2PPh2 (H2ClB • dppm) with [RuCp*(NCMe)3][BAr4F] (BAr4F = [B{3,5-(CF3)2 C6H3}4]-) results in displacement of all three acetonitrile ligands and the formation of [RuCp* (eta(2)-H2ClB • dppm)][BAr4F] (1), which has been characterised crystallographically. Reaction with carbon monoxide results in a change from eta(2) to eta(1) of the borane ligand to afford [RuCp*(CO)(eta(1)-H2CIB • dppm)][BAr4F] (2). Compound 1 undergoes H/D exchange under a D-2 atmosphere to afford [RuCp* (eta(2) -D2CIB • dppm)][BAr4F], while 2 does not.