Publication Highlights

In 2013 we published a paper on helical molecular orbitals like the one shown immediately above. Initially, it was not obvious how this study would be useful. Now we have used this ligands to predict materials with high temperature magnetic ordering, and we might have just directly observed of these orbitals experimentally. Danny Shechtman told me he thought these orbital structures were the money. It seems he might be right.

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Another thought

It is conference season. In the coming months, I will be spending a week in Paris with our good friends and colleagues at the College de France. After that, Prof. Ken Sakai, Kyushu, Japan, will be visiting. Then is the ACS spring meeting, Denver, CO. After that, Toronto to visit Prof. G. A. Ozin, and then off to a peculiar event: a mega conference on coffee. All that before April 13. If you need me, I'm probably busy.