Publication Highlights

Since the last update many papers have been published in a variety of journals with a variety of co-authors. A collaboration with the Raithby group resulted in a paper on gold trimers accepted to Chemistry: A European Journal.
In the increasingly sexy field of perovskite photovoltaics, I managed to managed to contribute to two papers on the topic; one in Nano Letters, the other in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. My opion on this field is that it desperately needs chemists to involve themselves because device engineers and physicists could use a hand.
On a different topic (more of the PhD focus), we carried on work with our French collaborators, and saw our heterogenous Rh-catalysis paper recently accepted to ChemSusChem. MOF studies within our group are progressing well; Keith, Aron and I published a nice study on deformation of MOFs in an interesting journal, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, certainly worth keeping up with. Find all my publications here.

2014 in perspective

2014 has been an interesting year, both scientifically and personally. At the beginning of the year I had 4 papers, an h-index of 2 and we were at the early stages of the coffee project. Since then many of the side projects that myself and the rest of the group were involved with came to a close, thus finishing this year with a totaly of 14 papers and an h-index of 5.
Aside from this, I also went to Rimini, Italy. Not on a holiday, but rather to watch the culmination of the collaboration between myself and Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, who returned to England ranked 5th Best Barista in the World. I joke with my colleagues that the most influencial work of this PhD is not to do with the PhD at all, but rather the coffee. And, whilst this coffee business may be popular and easy to comprehend, I still have a primary focus of being the best chemist who never touched a chemical.
2014 also saw many demonstrations of close friends and colleagues succeeding in their various trials and tribulations and close family regaining good health. I can only hope that 2015 contains more of the same.