1984-1987                BA (Hons), Zoology, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

1987-1988                Henry Fellow at Harvard University

1988-1991                D.Phil, Department of Zoology, Oxford University

                                    Supervisors: WD (Bill) Hamilton and Alan Grafen                          

1991-1993                Browne Research Fellow, The Queen’s College Oxford

1993-2001                Horace le Marquand and Dudley Bigg Research Fellow of the Royal Society

1993-1996                Research Fellow, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

1994-1996                Senior Research Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge University

1995-1995                Professorial Research Fellow, Collegium Budapest

1997-                        Professor of Evolutionary Genetics, University of Bath

2008-2013                Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder

2010-2014                External Faculty, John Innes Centre, Norwich

2018-                        President of the Genetics Society

Awards, Named lectures etc

1993                        The Crafoord Lecture of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, Stockholm

1996                        The Chermerda Lectures, Penn State

1996                        The Mendel Lecture, Lund

1999                        Charles Darwin Award, British Association for the Advancement of Science

2003                        Scientific Medal of the Zoological Society

2003                        Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences

2004                        Elected Member of EMBO

2006                        The Haldane Lecture, UCL

2009                        The EMBO Lecture, Turin

2009                        Nilsson-Ehle Lecture, Lund

2010                        Excellence in Doctoral Supervision Award (University of Bath)

2010                        Genetics Society Medal

2011                        The Max Delbruck Lecture, Berlin

2015                        Elected Fellow of The Academy of Medical Sciences

2015                        Elected Fellow of The Royal Society

2015                        Publication of the Year Prize, from German Stem Cell Society

2015                        Vice-Chancellor’s Research Medal

2016                        The Academy of Medical Sciences Special Lecture

Editorial Boards

Molecular Systems Biology (2010-), BMC Biology (2010-), Trends in Genetics (2009-), Phil Trans. R. Soc, Lond (2009-2014), Public Library of Science, Biology (2005-), Journal of Biology (2008-2010), Genome Biology and Evolution (2009-), Biology Direct (2006-), Genome Biology (2007-), BMC Evolutionary Biology (2005-), BMC Proceedings (2007-), BMC Systems Biology (2006-), Proc. R. Soc Lond (2000-2006), Journal of Evolutionary Biology (1993-2000), Journal of Theoretical Biology (1993-2010), BioEssays (1995-2005)