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Ben Adams - Collaborators and Students


  • Mike Boots, University of California, Berkeley - epidemiology and evolution in host-pathogen systems
  • Jose Ramos-Castaneda, Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica, Mexico - dengue epidemiology
  • Jorge Falcon - Instituto Carlos Slim - dengue epidemiology
  • Ryosuke Omori, Hokkaido University - epidemiology and evolution of influenza, fish pathogens
  • Nick Priest, University of Bath - demographics of aging, evolution of maternal effects

Former PhD students
  • Eleanor Harrison - epidemiology and evolution of leishmaniasis, graduated 2014. 
  • Hannah Woodall - structured models for dengue epidemiology, graduated 2015. 
  • Katy Gaythorpe - epidemiology in perturbed systems, graduated 2016. 

MARM (Mentoring African Research in Mathematics)
  •  University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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