Dr. Adelina Ilie

Dr. Ilie is a lecturer in Nanoscience in the Department of Physics where her group works in the general domain of Nanoscience. She is a founding member of the Bath / Exeter Centre for Graphene Science.

She was previously a research fellow at the IRC in Nanotechnology at Cambridge University, and Principal Investigator at the Nanoscience Centre. She was also the Course Coordinator and lecturer for the "Master's Degree in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise" at Cambridge.

She obtained her Ph.D from Ecole Polytechnique/Universite de Paris-Sud, France, and held Research Fellowships from Girton College, Cambridge, and Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Dr. Ilie's work has a strong focus on novel carbon-based nanomaterials - graphene and carbon nanotubes - and extends into many application domains such as molecular electronics / spintronics, and nanomedicine / biotechnology. A speciality of the group is advanced scanning probe techniques (with atomic / molecular resolution), both for characterization and for unconventional nanofabrication, such as via Dynamic Nanostenciling.

We work with scientists from the UK and abroad with very different backgrounds, and strive to achieve synergy and develop interdisciplinary applications. Those interested in our research, for collaborations and Ph.D.s, are welcome to contact Dr. Ilie by email:

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PhD Studentships in the Department of Physics

The following PhD projects are being offered within Dr. Ilie's group, starting in October 2013:

Applicants should have a background in the physical sciences and have or expect to gain a First or Upper Second Class UK Honours degree, or the equivalent from an overseas University. Possible funding sources include the Doctoral Training Account (for UK applicants); for exceptional overseas candidates, a University studentship or a Faculty scholarship may be available.

Please contact Dr. Ilie for further information.

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